Luke Combs has announced the release of a new album and we’re throwin’ a party!

Hear every song off the new album, Fathers & Sons out this Friday, June 14th on The Country Listening Party with Luke Combs.

The new song, “The Man He Sees In Me,” written by Combs and Josh Phillips, is out now. Listen to it HERE.

We’ll play every track non-stop this Friday at 6pm!


  1. Front Door Famous
  2. In Case I Ain’t Around
  3. Huntin’ By Yourself
  4. Little Country Boys
  5. Whoever You Turn Out To Be
  6. Remember Him That Way
  7. The Man He Sees In Me
  8. All I Ever Do Is Leave
  9. Plant A Seed
  10. Ride Around Heaven
  11. My Old Man Was Right
  12. Take Me Out To The Ballgame