Ok, normally I don’t go this long between posts, but I am suddenly very BUSY ???? Here’s why:
1/ I’m a new “bonus” parent to 2 hilarious and awesome girls. To seal the deal, we all went for manicures and now they can’t get rid of me. Good.
2/ My mom Carole Farrell is doing well and seems to approve of Rob. So now he’s IN, and can’t get rid of me. Good.
3/ We went to see Kane Brown and Tyler Hubbard in Toronto. Awesome show! They had no idea we were there, but they couldn’t get rid of us. Good.
4/ Otis and I are KILLING IT in our Trust Technique sessions with Logan Koeth https://logankoeth.com/ and Otis is now choosing to go into his crate every morning when I leave for work. We still aren’t shutting the door for long stretches of time, but this is a HUGE WIN from where we have come. Good!
Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?! (I’m referring to both Otis and myself here. Obviously ????????)
Carry on!
Xo Robin ??
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