Thanks to Tyson for the in-studio interview yesterday.
It’s wild for me to sit and chat with him about a new song out of Nashville, called ‘Other Than That!’
Especially, since I’ve known the Soo boy forever and he pushed buttons when his baby girl was in studio with him. She is 7 and a half and time flies!
Tyson is definitely living the dream and always marked ‘Nashville’ as his ultimate destination.
Tyson is on a Radio Tour and stopped here in his hometown to chat with me.
We joked about ‘his driver’ out in the ‘limo’ waiting for his call.
I said, The Lear Jet will get you safely to your next stop on Manitoulin Island.
Tyson will head to North Bay and back track to Sudbury and then on to Ottawa.
He plans to be back in the SOo in the Spring, when it warms up and hints that he may be a part of The Sault’s Summer Festival, Rotaryfest! But, Shh! That’s our little secret!
Let’s all wish Tyson’s new record well, and like Loretta Lynn way back on Country Radio, we keep our fingers crossed that the song soars up the charts across North America!