Preliminary plans for a downtown plaza including components and costing were presented to city council at last night’s meeting.
Council also gave its approval for the remaining over 110-thousand dollars needed for the 375-thousand dollar cost to purchase property at 535 Queen Street east to move the project forward.
Deputy CAO Tom Vair says the idea is to establish a 4 season facility which would be located between Brock and Spring Streets.
Some of the main features described to city council include a stage with a large screen and pavilion that would be between Queen and Bay Streets with the venue facing both streets.
The project also envisions making Spring Street more pedestrian friendly that would better connect the waterfront to the downtown.
The next steps in moving the project forward include holding consultation sessions with the general public, businesses and youth and hiring a consultant to assist with the detailed costing and design.
The total cost for the project is estimated to be 6.6-million dollars and the city’s share would be 3.2-million with the 3.4-million dollar balance covered through government funding and sponsorship.