He packed his duffle bag after winning our Talent Caravan and moved to Music City , Nashville in pursuit of a musical career .
He hit the Canadian charts, with the help of Patricia Conroy and recorded ‘Rocks in the Garden’ which would climb the Canadian Country music charts.

I knew, but many locals did not. Just what happened to Rick Henry?
He had shifted his whole life’s dream to become one of Nashville’s finest.

\Now, years after that, music has made it’s way back to the Sgt. Particelli.
He played me a tune in our family room , called ‘Good Guys.’
I thought it was his bet ever, but never said that at the time.

Now YOU can help him fulfill his dream as he has turned that song into a foundation to help fallen officers.

Visit and have a listen to the full tune and then , you may make a donation right there at the sight!

Great news is that Rick plans to make Sault Ste Marie visit home in November and I hope to have him here in Radioland to sing that tune and do a Facebook live with me!