This was my conversation last week with Kayge’s grandfather, Poppa Gerry.
The walk/ run and great music happened on Saturday, by all of you and Kayge’s SUPERHERO steps.

I had a lot of requests to air this interview after I aired it ‘LIVE” and as I have been saying since talking to Poppa Gerry, it was the toughest time I’ve had in 35 years doing interviews on radio.

Please donate to the cause if you can, as every penny counts.
Here is the Facebook update from Kayge’s family.

Here’s a short update. Kayge had a pretty peaceful sleep last night so we are thankful that.
We want you to know that we are not giving up! We will NOT lose our faith that miracles can happen. We will be researching EVERY possible alternative treatment and experimental treatments that we can find. We will try anything and everything we think will help him.
We ask you for your continued support. I have changed this group from secret to closed. We will see how that works. The more people praying for him the better! So share away! We will be getting admin to post links to the gofundme pages etc. We are not the type of people to ask for help but when it comes to our SUPERHERO we are unashamedly asking for all the help we can get. As you know our house is under major renovations. We were already going through major financial troubles.
As of right now neither one of us is returning to work anytime soon unless we absolutely have to.
Kayge is our focus and our life. We will FIGHT with everything we have for his. Mandy Fowler and I are in awe of the support received so far. Please don’t stop.