it’s all about the music for us at Mother’s Day and every other day for that matter.
Here are some more Mom’s Day fun facts!:

I felt like being creative, so the picture here in the story, is my jean jacket with our show name, ‘The Jeff and Jeff Show along with my dad’s first guitar strap!
Music is everything for us in our family.

Kelly Clarkson tells People that motherhood has changed her. “My whole life took a big 180. I never thought I was going to be a mom, so it’s very much changed my world in the most awesome way. I love what I do, but I feel like I relied on my career a lot for my self-worth. And now I’m more than that. I have a certain level of peace I didn’t know was going to come with it. My best friend always says, ‘You just want to create the family you never had.’ I might be doing that. In defense of my family, it happens. People fall out of love, and people go separate ways. People are human. I’ve accomplished a lot, but I guess the biggest success I want is that whenever I die people will say, ‘She was so successful as a mother, and as a wife.’ That’s kind of my big goal.”

Jason Aldean tells Pop Culture Country that his wife Brittany is a great mother. “She’s great. She’s one of those people that have never really been around kids a ton, especially babies and stuff. Her sister has two daughters, but she didn’t really live close to them while they were little. She’s just never really been around babies a ton, and she’s one of those that was worried, [if she was] going to be a good mom. Now I see her with him, and how good she is with him, it’s pretty cool. She’s actually great, a great mom, and her favorite thing is bath time. She’d give him five baths a day, just because she likes to see him in the tub. He likes getting baths anyway. You notice a lot of her pictures are him in the tub, or getting out of the tub, or whatever. That’s their little special part of the day, is bath time. She’s actually doing great. She’s really good with him.”

Eric Church credits his success to his mother. He tells Pop Culture Country; “With my career, she’s always been a person that’s been really positive through times that I couldn’t find a positive streak and she was always really positive, and very much believes in tough it out, keep working hard. That’s her motto with stuff like that. I’ve always been impressed with that stuff. Then musically, she’s where I get my talent from. She sings great, always has, her mom sang great. I owe my musical chops to her. And she still sings some. Career-wise, I owe her everything. And life-wise she’s given me a lot of the qualities that it has taken for me to get me where I am. Not only as a musician, but as a man.”