So, this past weekend, on the road trip to celebrate dad’s 80th, I wasn’t shocked by what we would pay at the gas pump, but it sure did make a difference with the set budget!
The most we saw, was 142.99 per liter. On average we paid, 136 a liter.
If you go by how much you would ‘top it up’, 10 dollars for out vehicle was the norm.
It was basically., 25.00 a top up!

Go to our Facebook Page and tell us if you will make the road trip, either coming up on the May long weekend, or this summer if the gas prices are still very high!

The 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards were handed out over the weekend and I have to congratulate, Young and Restless and The Ellen Show for their wins in their prospective categories!

The May temperatures will actually cool by Thursday, with a high of only 6 for Thursday and 7 for Friday…Yeah, the hottest time in human history?

Personally, I can’t wait for the warm up!
The story photo is one of Murray, Dad, taken at his 80th birthday surprise party over this past weekend!