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Algoma Public Health (APH) has made progress in getting our IT system back online.

While still not at full capacity there are two program cancellations for Friday, April 26, 2019. These include:
” Parent Child Information Centre
” Nurse Practitioner clinic
The following phone lines are also unavailable tomorrow:
” Appointment Line (705-541-7085)
” Parent Child Information Line (705-541-7101 or TF 1-888-537-5741)
” Sexual Health Information Line (705-541-7100 or TF 1-800-726-0398)
The following programs and services are currently operational:
” Community Mental Health
” Community Alcohol and Drug Assessment
” Environmental Health
” School Health
” Community Wellness
” Preschool Speech and Language
” Healthy Babies, Healthy Children
” Infant & Child Development
” Genetics
” Healthcare Provider Vaccine Orders
All our offices remain open and staff are available to assist you. You can reach us at:

Sault Ste. Marie: 705-942-4646
Blind River: 705-356-2551
Elliot Lake: 705-848-2314
Wawa: 705-856-7208