So, how many calories do we indulge in, with the Easter feast and the left overs?
I spent some time, calculating just those facts! . KIDDING!!!! but I do have the research!

Easter Candy Survey
The Daily Star recently posted a list of the most popular Easter candy and how much exercise is needed to burn it off.

one Cadbury Creme Egg … 171 calories … 15 minutes of burpees needed to burn one off

cinnamon bun … 280 calories … 30-minute run needed to burn one off

chocolate bunny … 524 calories .. two spin classes needed to burn one off
one bag of mini chocolate eggs … 445 calories … one kelltleball class needed to burn one off

Burn Off Easter Candy
What it takes to burn off Easter candy according to
Cadbury Creme Egg (170 calories)… 15 minutes of biking or 20 minutes of jogging or 18 minutes of weight training
One large chocolate Easter Bunny (1,050 calories) … one hour of mountain biking or 20 minutes of high intensity interval training or 30-second sprints for 30 minutes
chocolate marshmallow bunnies (384 calories) … a one-hour walk
hollow chocolate Easter eggs (700 calories)… three hours of gardening

Burning Off Easter Candy from
Cadbury Cream Easter eggs… 20 minutes of jumping rope or 20 minutes of skipping, or 19 minutes of jogging or 35 minutes of power walking
Lindt Golden Easter Bunny … 2 hours and 16 minutes of treadmill walking or 52 minutes of jogging
hollow milk chocolate Easter egg… 65 minutes of cycling or 90 minutes of Pilates
dark chocolate Easter Bunny … 60 minutes of swimming or 60 minutes of jogging or 45 minutes of rowing
This all is well and good, but I am tired and need to head over to the dining table for the ready- built casserole! MMMM!! Tastes like calories!

Go Soo Thunderbirds. I am hoping for a Game six victory, as the Hearst Lumberjacks, ready to host our SOO guys, this evening! I hope it’s a great outcome and they are all getting set to head back to the Rhodes for Game Seven, Wednesday night!
We are all keeping those fingers crossed.
As I put on the #15 Soo Thunderbirds Jersey, Saturday evening, prior to singing O Canada, I checked my smart phone and there was a picture and video, of pop star Gavin Degraw, singing at the Nashville Predators playoff game and he fell trying to step back off of the rink carpet! It was game five too!
So being kinda superstitious myself, I was praying not to repeat his feat as I stepped out onto the John Rhodes Ice Surface. It all ended well for me, thankfully!
Sometimes, the carpets are very slippery underneath your feet.

It’s another NHL Game seven series, between the Leafs and the Bruins, back in Boston!
If, like me, it seems like a deja vu moment, it is. It’s the 3rd time in just six playoffs, these two teams have been in a Game Seven situation. They play at the Boston Garden tomorrow night. Columbus, who defeated the shocked Tampa Bay Lightning in 4 straight, awaits this series outcome.