This was just a few hours after the furniture arrived here in Radioland!
The gang took up their seats and began to work …in the space!

I have a ton of stuff prepared for you for tomorrow, as Friday is Good Friday and a different kind of radio show.

Tune into Jackpot Radio and your chance to win a 100 dollar LOTTOMAX VOUCHER.
Yes, if you’re caller 4 , and answer the trivia question correctly, you will be the winner!
This all happens after 730.

At 750, What Year Was It? Guess the year, caller 4, to qualify for a 50.00 dollar Meat the Butcher gift card and win ticket instantly, to the Great Benjamin Circus, set up in the Station Mall Parking Lot this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

I will have a chat with organizer of the Circus, Louis Leonard, on the show as well, discussing all of the family fun, 810 on the radio show.

AND, the release of the much anticipated, Mueller report in the US, happens Thursday as well.
Will it have a change at all, in public opinion, heading into the 2020 US Election?

A live remote broadcast from 2-6pm, as I chat to you from Gateway Casinos. Look for the flashing light on the Country Cruiser!

See ya soon!