It was a great night for Toronto fans! Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays are all winners! Bravo!
Remember this one folks, because it will rarely happen again!

I am very fortunate in 2019, to have great co workers I see each day.
For a few precious hours, I have time and the studio to myself. I have always loved this time.
I brew some Radioland coffee and sip away and prep the morning radio show.
Then at 6, Johnny Murtha and I, hit you with the latest news, sports and weather.
This past Winter in the Sault, has been a snowy one, to say the least. We still have some snow in the yards, on this April 16th, 2019.

I do have results of a recent survey about folks that seem to dislike their boss and co working staffers.
Here it is:
Survey says!!!!!
30% of workers dislike their boss.
– 25% of workers dislike their office and furniture.

– top 10 office gripes
1. Disagreeable work colleagues
2. Slow or old technology
3. Uncomfortable temperature
4. Disagreeable bosses
5. Poor facilities
6. Poor lighting
7. Inadequate office space
8. Poor office location
9. Inadequate desk space
10. Poor décor and furniture

We have some new furniture in the building now, that everyone seems to love.
I will ‘share ‘ that with you in picture form tomorrow.