So, I asked you today is there that one person you miss so much it hurts and how do you make that feeling go away?

This is a pic that popped up in Facebook Memories today. You see, in three short days, it’s been 4 years since Mike left us, her on Earth.
He shares his love of music with all of us that still grieve his death today.
All of our memories were positive, so that’s what gets us through the time, right?

I thank you all for chats all morning , about Mike and what an impact he had in your life.
It’s what he smiles down and remembers.
I really feel his presence, especially at this time of year.
You just want to pick up the phone and call and laugh, and chat.

Many years ago, George and Susan Koprash, allowed me the blessing of re-naming the little wooden stage out at the Chippewa Trading Post.
There, we have had many fond memories, singing and playing for the patrons as they looked and listened, while they licked their ice cream in the hot summer.

I am blessed that they have accepted an offer, to sing and play there, on the Mike Case Memorial Stage, once again this coming season.
The Jeff and Jeff show will jam each Thursday evening, so I hope you’ll bring the family out for a few tunes, laughs and memories.
Maybe you will catch a glimpse of Murphy the Big Moose too! Murphy loves to dance in front of the children at the stage!
Last season and all of the years,Frank Bock and the Algo Rythumns played as did Mike Yurich, packing them in!

So, I guess just taking the time to remember the great musical times, Mike and I had, and he shared with all of you, is the real blessing, not to be forgotten.
Thanks to Lyd, my rock and partner and to my mom and dad for basically funding the project out there, so the masses would have a spot to get to, to chill, chat and share stories of Mike Case.
I love it when people stop out there and see the guitar and plaque, take a snap shot and tell their children about this musician who was taken far to soon, who brought joy and music into so many lives along his journey.

I sure hope to see ya’ll out at the Big Moose Ice Cream Parlour, ( Mike Case Memorial Stage) this season! We all deserve, sun, fun and a musical summer, to think back on!
It’s going to be a fabulous summer of 2019!, with your help!