The city of Sault Ste. Marie plans on contributing to a major project of Algoma University.
City council at Monday night’s meeting approved a request for 400-thousand dollars from the Economic Diversification Fund over a three year period to support the 5.3-million dollar expansion of the School of Business and Economics program.
The approval is conditional on confirmation of all external funding.
Algoma U will be looking for contributions from the upper levels of government and University President Asima Vezina talks about the application made to the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation…

Algoma University has also submitted an application to FedNor.
It is hoped the project will be able to attract a maximum investment from the provincial funding agency of 2-million dollars.
Vezina says they are looking to renovate an existing space in the lower floor of the library…

The City funds are intended to support all stages of the renovation including related technology requirements needed to outfit the new training centre that will be apart of the program.