This was an awesome time,MC for the George Canyon performance and receiving the Decade of Hits record. I also purchased 1 of 500 signed albums!
We have beautiful surroundings here in Algoma Country, as I have seen and witnessed on my bike rides. Especially, our Hub Trail in and around the Sault!

More chances to ride this week as the Humidity kicks in to make it feel like temps to the Upper 20’s.

Here are some Trending Topics I’m sharing on the radio show today:

Trending …

– The State newspaper claims many Walmarts in the North Carolina and South Carolina areas are down to their last cases of water and bread because of Hurricane Florence. Many people are choosing to stay and ride out the storm while others are evacuating. Business Insider claims 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate because Florence is packing 140 mph winds

– The Wrap claims only 4.3 million people watched the Miss America competition on Sunday night. That’s down 36% from last year’s viewing total of 5.4 million viewers. Breitbart claims the show’s ratings were the lowest of all time

– USA Today claims Subway may no longer sell their $5 footlong subs. The company’s CEO says each franchisee will now be allowed to decide whether or not they want to offer the sandwich.

– Metro UK claims Coca-Cola plans to sell Diet Coke in pink cans in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

– Variety magazine claims MTV is bringing back ”YO! MTV Raps” with domestic and international versions of the show.

– The Impulsive Buy website claims maple-flavored Cheerios have hit store shelves

– The NY Post claims Cheryl Burke has chosen Leah Remini as her Maid of Honor. Burke is planning to marry Matthew Lawrence