#WorldRadioDay is today! Horrah! I love playing the tunes and chatting with you every day here in Radioland! I am blessed with this career that has spanned more than 33 years so far. ! I thank you for letting me a wee part of your family ON THE AIR each morning! We are going to celebrate today, our day and every day! Thanks again! We collectively joined in and aired a commercial at 8:22 this morning and we gave people some insight into how important and vital radio was, is and will continue to be! … Remember, ‘You’re Not Alone with RADIO!

I have had posts from as far away as South America on my Facebook Wall, to friends right here in the Rogers family to others in the province!

This is truly a magical time and RADIO is indeed, as strong as ever thanks to you for listening each day!

On a much sadder note, we lost a 90’s Legend who had five top 10 hits over a nice career, that was still cruising along as late as Friday! We learned of the passing of Daryl Singletary yesterday and our show aired a little tribute to him this morning. He was only 46.