One of the three people convicted in the brutal murder of Wesley Hallam back in 2011 is again in police custody.
32-year old Eric Mearow of Simpson Street was one of six people arrested following the execution of a search warrant in the 200 block of Simpson Street yesterday.
During the search, officers located a stolen semi automatic .22 calibre hand gun.
It’s reported that the firearm was fully loaded with one live round in the chamber and nine additional rounds in the magazine.
It is further reported that the firearm was not properly stored and did not have a trigger lock on it at the time.
In addition it’s reported, officers located 6 more rounds of .22 calibre amunition and a small amount of fentanyl.
Mearow and two other men were convicted of manslaughter in the death of Wesley Hallam 7-years ago and had been released from prison on December 1st.
The other five arrested yesterday include 36-year old Shaun Mearow of Mission Road, Goulais River, 30-year old Rebecca Stevens of Bi Da Bin Street Rankin, 30-year old Tricia Robinson of Simpson Street, 29-year old Briana Howard of Trelawne Avenue and 27-year old Allen Agawa of Cunningham Road.