SO, we waited till after Remembrance Day to put up our Tree.
Got a new Tree Topper and were quite surprised when we plugged it in, and it glowed with fibre optic beauty on the Angel’s wings!

We put up the ‘Christmas ‘ stuff fairly early, since the dreary outdoors can bring you down!

The festive bright lights put a smile on your face!

A quick question…When do YOU plan on putting up the tree and trimmings?

Watch for the Country 104.3 Stuff a Bus on the road Thursday at 6 through 11pm at the ‘Moonlight Magic’ event and Tree Lighting at 7pm, on the lawn at the Courthouse off Elgin street!

The Stuff a Bus is also at Wal Mart 10pm to 2pm, Great Northern Rd and Second line location Saturday, with plans to be in the Santa Parade Saturday as well, getting under way along Queen at 6pm.