a guy and his guitar

This shot was taken of me and my guitar on stage last Saturday at the wedding reception of Tony and Paula.
I sang at the ‘ signing of the register’…and the exit tune….
I thought I was getting on stage to sing a Neil Diamond song…. I stayed up for nearly 2 hours I think.. I am always losing count I failed Grade 12 Mathematics , 2 times!

Here are the happy love birds….in their own words….wishing for …

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani would like a baby girl. A source tells the magazine; “She is very, very excited about getting pregnant and she absolutely wants twins. Gwen knows he will be very protective of their daughter. He’d want her to be [safe and secure] her entire life. If Gwen finally does get pregnant, she will be taking it easy and not traveling a lot. He’s ready to be a dad, but the possibility of twins or triplets is just daunting!”

AND…..then this showed up on my radio prep today …( SHEETHAPPENS )
The Star claims Gwen Stefani allegedly dropped a ‘prenup bombshell’ on Blake Shelton. A source tells the magazine; “They were excitedly discussing plans for a wedding when Gwen said she had some papers she wanted him to sign. Blake was stunned. He didn’t think she’d pull that on him. He believed they were in love and ready to make a serious commitment, and that she’s the one. But this prenup is making him think that she’s not so sure. Gwen’s prenup reportedly stipulates that she’ll keep the tropically decorated Oklahoma compound Blake gifted her.”