Sault Area Hospital 5 car draw 2017

Supplied by the Sault Area Hospital Foundation…
SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – In Spring of 2015, the Sault Area Hospital (SAH) made it known that one of the two CT Scanners in use in the Diagnostic Imaging Department needed to be replaced. Since then, the proceeds of the 2016 and 2017 5 Car Draws, a $200,000 pledge from the SAH Volunteer Association (pledge will be completely fulfilled this year) and countless donations from our community have helped make the purchase of this new piece of equipment, a reality. A new CT Scanner will be available to service our local patients. It is scheduled for installation later this year.
We at the Sault Area Hospital Foundation must thank this community for their generosity. To think, every 5 Car Draw ticket purchased, every item sold at the SAH Gift Shop (operated by the Volunteer Association), every sponsorship, every community run event, and every donation from individuals, service clubs and local businesses ensures our Hospital has the equipment needed to keep patients local and elevates our healthcare. A large majority of the funds that have come in over the past two years have been dedicated to this new CT Scanner for our community, while the rest has ensured that other areas didn’t go without the funds needed to purchase vital medical equipment across our hospital.
With over 20,000 CT scans performed annually at our hospital, the CT Scanner is an incredibly crucial tool used to diagnose and track progress in patients battling Cancer, living with Renal concerns, dealing with trauma injuries and more. The CT Scanner being replaced is now over 10 years old.
This year’s 5 Car Draw was a major success. The final count on ticket sales reached 14,685 with over $150,000 in NET profits. These funds will be specifically dedicated to the new CT Scanner. We need to thank our community for their support, even during the tough economic times we have faced. We as a community have always been able to persevere and make our healthcare a priority.
“The CT Scanner wasn’t the only piece of equipment our Foundation was fundraising for. We have a diverse list of equipment needs across our hospital, and donors support them all. We have to thank this community for their continued support!” says Cheryl Pavoni, Executive Director at the Sault Area Hospital Foundation. “We are working to provide funding for equipment needed by our healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care, locally. The key is locally. We will always be able to get the care here in Ontario, but we don’t want people to have to travel for care. It’s a burden on the patient and their family. Funding for equipment comes from the support of events, like our upcoming because iCcare Gala and this past weekend’s SAH Volunteer Association Car Show as well as direct donations from individuals, service clubs and local businesses from our generous community. We ask the community to remember that the medical equipment we purchase is used to treat patients from our community. We will always have these equipment needs. We are to keep up with advancing healthcare technology, replace items affected by wear and tear and to ensure our healthcare providers can diagnose, treat and save the lives of every patient they meet. Thank you for making our local care a priority.”
We invite the community to visit our new ‘because iCcare’ website. Here we are focusing on the stories from our community. We are focusing on what our donors, local patients and the healthcare professionals have to say about our local care. Our Foundation’s mission is to inspire donors to join us in raising funds for Sault Area Hospital to ensure the delivery of outstanding care, close to home and these stories directly reflect that. Not just the equipment needs, but the incredible effect your support has on our local healthcare. The equipment we purchase together allows our healthcare providers to deliver excellent care to local patients; care that can save a life. Find out why our community gives at and keep on stopping by to see all the new stories as they are posted.