Ontario’s New Democrats have launched a new website; youpaytheprice.ca as part of their aggressive, multi-platform, anti-hydro privatization campaign. 

This online hub gives Ontarians the opportunity to let Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals know just how wrong they think her sell-off of Hydro One really is. It will also help Ontarians to keep up to date on campaign events and stay connected with others who are concerned about Wynne’s short-sighted plan. 

“Kathleen Wynne left everyone in the dark when it came to her plan to privatize Hydro.  She never ran on this plan, she never consulted Ontarians about it,” said Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath.

“New Democrats are going to shine a light on what this plan will really cost Ontario families.” 

The website strengthens the Ontario NDP’s campaign against the privatization of Hydro One which kicked off today at Queen’s Park and which will also include an extensive tour across the province. 

 “Once our hydro system is gone it’s gone,” said Horwath. “Instead of choosing to close tax loopholes for big corporations, Kathleen Wynne is making Ontario families and small businesses pay the price.  New Democrats have heard Ontarians loud and clear and we’re going to fight to keep our hydro system in public hands where it belongs.”

For more information visit: youpaytheprice.ca