SaultMIIt looks as thought the reconstruction of Prospect Alley in Sault, Michigan will proceed later this year.  Work to prepare for bidding on the 25 thousand dollar project will now be done by the city’s Engineering Department.  The work will consist of pulverizing the existing asphalt, reshaping and resurfacing the alley between Arlington and West Spruce streets.  Money to pay for the project cost will come from an appropriation set aside by the city within the 2013-14 Fiscal Budget and expected assessments collected from affected property owners.

It’s a shot in the arm for the Sault, Michigan economy.  Manufacturer AMI Industries is hoping to receive half a million dollars from a Community Block Development Grant to expand its workforce — the city is acting is the grant applicant to receive the money and pass it on to AMI, pending state EDC approval.  City Commissioners learned that AMI is planning to invest 3.7 million dollars into its Sault, Michigan operation over the next two years and is looking to grow its workforce by another 100 employees, on top of the 100 workers hired last summer.  AMI Industries is a tubular manufacturer for a variety of industries, from automotive and agriculture to construction and recreation.

Sault, Michigan may soon have a number of locations as off-road vehicle trails.  A mechanism could be launched as early as this month after City Commissioners approved a second reading allowing for the designation of ORV trails through amendements in the city Code of Ordinances.  The Commission would be able to designate portions of streets, alleys, parks or parking lots as being open to off-road vehicles — through the adoption of a resolution.  One example is the designation part of South Street and the Ashmun Bay Park Trail as open to off road vehicles.  The Michigan Department of Natural Resources plans to  installation of vault toilet restroom facilities at a new trailhead in Ashmun Bay Park, as a result of that designation.