This was my bird’s eye view just as I was asked to judge the Team Cheers! Congrats to all whom participated in the event yesterday at Rogers Hometown Hockey at Roberta Bondar Park!
I was judging along with our new Mayor Christian Provenzano, along with NHL former star Rico Fata and ‘Hank’ the Rogers Hometown Hockey Mascot!
The talent we witnessed on the big Rogers screen was amazing!
Steve Sullivan stood at the ScotiaBank tent under lights and handed out Youth Jerseys, took pics and signed autographs nearly all weekend!
I had Steve sign my Country 104.3 Jersey and said, ‘Make it as big as this other guy’s!..
He said, ‘Noooo way!’.. What a gentleman. The other guy’s signature was that of my fav. Leafs player of all time, ‘#27, Daryl Sittler.
I got to enjoy a Rogers customer skate at the Rhodes prior to Gary and I broadcasting a Sunday afternoon live show.
It was a thrill to have Hanna ( sales coordinator) hook a ‘Go Pro camera’ to my helmet.
Bets were on that I’d fall…and my GM Scott Sexsmith was counting on that for great video footage!
However it did NOT happen.

People were coming up and smiling and saying that this event was , ‘amazing in every possible way!’

I guess the highlight for me as a radio vet., was firstly chatting on air with Ron MacLean on the tele and airing the interview a couple of times, since he is so gracious and always has a story about absolutely anything you toss at him.
Then Sunday he showed up at the Country 104.3 booth for a quick chat and photo op, before the ‘Rogers Powerhouse’, escorted Ron to the Sportsnet satellite studio.

I hope you all got to get some free swag, which included complimentary hot chocolate and coffee,
along with pictures on a hockey puck, ‘being a Sportsnet Broadcaster’ and much more !

I also ran with young Ryan Elliot and Hanna Craig and strapped on the ‘Go Pro camera on my Rogers toque and rammed my body into a ScotiaBank SUMO suit and proceeded to stick handle thru the short course, jump into the back of Van, and fall out, grab the stick from the attendant and shoot..I scored, but I couldn’t beat my new friend, ‘Dane’ who was back at the finish line to give me a high five!
Hanna has B- roll footage from both the Rogers skate, and the SUMO fun, which will get posted here at our web site when time allows!

Once again, thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate this ‘great hockey town’s pride!

We will be chatting about it for months and years to come, won’t we?