black and white Jeffrey

How bout this wonderful Summer weather?
I did my regular walk to the Station Mall on the weekend AND added one yesterday afternoon for good measure.
It’s going to get chilly quickly, so I figure I’m not going to pass up the chance to dig the warm sunny conditions.
Yesterday it was 27 degrees at stroll time….today is supposed to feel like 30 with Humidex, so strolling I shall go.

My thoughts and prayers remain today with the people of Texas and Florida, especially in the Keys..where it will take weeks or more to recover from Irma.
It was great to see and hear Kenny Chesney talking about St Paul, the Key he lives on…He saved the lives of many of his friends when he offered up his house to them to wait out the storm.
A true hero in such bad conditions. As Kenny says, ‘The house is just wood and concrete…We can rebuild that…but we can’t replace lives.!’

I think it’s time for Chris Cuomo and Bill Weir of CNN…to go home…They should receive an award for what they’ve bravely covered on air.

Today my Facebook Friendship came up on my Memories……I celebrate 9 years as a Facebook buddy to Jen Belsito, even
though I have known her since I moved here in 1988.
Got the opportunity to MC her dance show at Bon Soo just after 1990.
I love that Facebook feature…..

See you on the trails and do give yourself a chance at experiencing this SUMMER Weather!