So this was a foggy pic I snapped at 9am on this fine beauty of a Tuesday, September 12th.
The date, I shall never be able to forget and you, the listeners have made my 29 years here incredibly satisfying and gratifying. I limped into 111 Elgin Street after 2pm and moved a large oak desk upstairs for our station manager, Gary Duguay at the time. I have never regretted for a day, moving to the Soo in 1988.
For this I am truly blessed and grateful. The reception from you today warms my heart, both phone calls, in person and especially on Facebook and social media.
Cheers to another 20 years a member of your family. Now please feed me !!!LOL

It is summer and the weather is very summer-like just as David Phelps at Environment Canada promised, that September would make up for a soggy summer of 2017.
We will soar to over 36 for the next several days!

So , have you got your fav cell phone. Is it an I Phone? The new I Phone 8…is out today so I thought we’d get the I Phone vs Android numbers and compare on paper…. Here is how it went down…

Apple vs Android

Yahoo recently surveyed 2,000 iPhone and Android smartphone users to find out their similarities and differences.

– 62% of iPhoner users and 56% of Android users love cuddling with puppies

– 25% of iPhoner users and 33% of Android users love cuddling with cats

– 13% of iPhoner users and 8% of Android users love hip hop music

– 50% of smartphone owners say if they were stranded on an island they would prefer to listen to rock and roll than any other type of music

– 9% of smartphone owners like Harleys

– 50% of smartphone owners love pepperoni pizza

– smartphone owners prefer Superman (37%) over Batman (25%)

– 30% of iPhone and Android owners prefer a beer at the end of a long hard day

– 29% of smartphone owners love Doritos while 33% love Double Stuff Oreo cookies
( text and story thanks to SHEETHAPPENS)

Let’s cut the grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pick the fruit …grab the veggies and dance!